Q: I've never had a friend commit suicide, because I'm a good friend who makes sure to communicate and help their friends. Duh.

— Anonymous

Please please please do some research on mental illness and educate yourself.


The Killers - “Mr.Brightside”

(Source: 2000ish)



Jim Crow 2.0

nothing’s changed. it’s just evolved.

devil stay pulling tricks.

Q: The fact that they all wanna die, says something about you. If you were being a good enough friend/girlfriend they would be happy.

— Anonymous

So anon… everyone that has had a friend commit suicide, it’s their fault? They weren’t good enough to keep their friends and loved ones happy. 

That’s what you’re saying? 

Q: Some women prefer to be house wives and like when their husbands tell them what to do. It's simpler that way.

— Anonymous

Right, ok. Well, all women have the right to consensually choose whatever relationship model and system they choose. However, I personally do not want to be a housewife or have children or have a man require me to do anything. That is my choice and if a man tried to tell me, or any other woman, otherwise, it would not be ok.

Q: You look good as a blonde.

— Anonymous

You think so?

I really like the red haha hard to let it go

Q: What if he threatens to leave if you don't? If your boyfriend preposed to you right now what would you say?

— Anonymous

1. If a man threatens to leave me because I choose not to stay home and take care of the children, then he can walk on out because he is not the man for me (or any woman).

2. I’m too young for marriage. I have watched way too many people in my life rush into marriage at a young age for all the wrong reasons and I’m not tryna make the same bad choices.

Q: You should go back to being a blonde.

— Anonymous

I’ve been seriously considering this!!!

Thanks for your input. I’m still deciding.

Q: Do you enjoy what you go to school for? Do you think you can make it in hour field? What if your future husband required you to stay home and have kids?

— Anonymous

1. Yes, I do! Media studies and communication studies is a fascinating discipline.

2. Of course I’ll make it.

3. HAHAHAHA, you’re crazy if you think a man can require me to do anything especially stay home or have kids. It’s my life and my body. No man can make a woman do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Q: Maybe the anon wants an apology to leave you alone.

— Anonymous

Q: What do you think it is you did to make them not like you?

— Anonymous


Q: Who would you apologize to? Are you allergic to anything? Name a person you wish would forgive you.

— Anonymous

1. Well, today in honor of Columbus Day I would like to apologize on behalf of white people to indigenous cultures for this insane holiday.

2. Nope, no allergies.

3. The anon that continually cyberbullies me about things from 5 years ago. I wish they would forgive me for whatever it is that I did to make someone hang on to resentment THIS long.


The man Leo addressing the UN about what a huge problem Climate Change has become. You can’t listen to this and not be moved!